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Cam Artin Creations

Spellball - Amtgard

Spellball - Amtgard

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Made to order single spell balls for Amtgard casters.

Red - Fireball

Blue - Force Bolt

Brown - Entangle

White - Iceball

Grey - Phase Bolt

Green - Poison Bolt

Yellow - Lightning Bolt

Purple - Suppression Bolt

Black - Sphere of Annihilation

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Cam Artin Custom Sticker

Every Cam Artin Custom comes decorated with one of six colorful, metallic sticker options (shown below).

Certificate of Authenticity

Ensure your Cam Artin piece is genuine with a hand-signed artist's Certificate of Authenticity. COA's are displayed on the back panel of each Pop, and include the date each piece was created.

Pop Shield Armor Hard Case

Included Pop Shield Armor hard case keeps the box and artwork safe during transit and display.